Bliss, Pleasure, and Ecstasy Achieved in Tantra

In Tantra, libido is not merely viewed as a simple sexual desire but as a profound aspiration for inner perfection. This perspective transforms erotic impulses into an abyssal thirst of the psyche (mind and soul) to achieve perfection through the union of polar opposites within one’s own body. This union is not just a physical experience but a deep spiritual process that reintegrates the individual into the original unity and rebirths them as an ideal androgyne, symbolized in the tantric tradition as the divine child of Shiva and Shakti. Through this reintegration, the spirit ascends to the highest planes of cosmic manifestation, merging with the eternal absolute, experiencing amazing levels of pleasure and bliss.

A Subtle Energy

Tantra considers that, energetically, women are magnetic, passive, and receptive, predominantly carrying a negative charge. In contrast, men are dynamic, with an electric and positive subtle energy. These subtle bioelectric differences are energized through touch, connection or love, generating an invisible energetic battery in the context of tantric union. Such unions, when understood and applied appropriately, can intensify and develop the mental and spiritual capacities of both individuals, unveiling the mysteries of the subconscious and facilitating spiritual ascension.

Mastery of Sensuality

In Tantra, sexual energy is considered a powerful force that can be sublimated for higher psychomental or spiritual purposes. Practicing tantric union allows the adept to use the subtle energies of their own body and their partner’s to achieve a state of harmonious fusion. This process involves transforming sexual energy into a spiritualizing force, thus transcending mere physical touch. 

Ecstasy and Bliss in Tantra

In tantric massage, the touch becomes a true cosmic process at the level of the unified microcosm of the couple. The tantric vision of intimacy leads to a profound synchronicity between the essential unity of the macrocosm and the confusing multiplicity in which we live. Through the frenetic fusion of complementary subtle principles, man and woman experience an alchemical sublimation of sexual energy, freeing themselves from the limitations of space and time.

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The use of tantric massage techniques rapidly transforms sexual energy into a spiritualizing force. Through the complex communion of the two partners, an astonishing energetic power is created, propelling them towards a cosmic natured fusion ecstasy. In Tantra, the massage is one of the ways in which man and woman focus their consciousness activity on unity, first fusing between themselves and later with the cosmos.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Modern tantric massage (book here a royal experiece) may offer numerous profound benefits, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions:

  • Altered Perception of Reality

– Changes in Perception of Time and Space: Experience a slow-down of time and a dilation of space, creating a fluid sense of causality.

– New Aesthetic Appreciation: Develop an incarnate intellectual understanding, seeing the substance of things as a play of moving forms, and experiencing synesthesia where senses blend or exchange roles.

  •  Enhanced Consciousness and Freedom

– Indescribable Freedom: Feel a profound sense of liberty and often the activation of the third eye (Ajna Chakra), leading to abundant, clear, and varied phenomenal experiences.

– Ego Dissolution: Experience the death of the ego and the loss of the sense of being an isolated entity, perceiving the self and the external world as interrelated polarities.

  •  Deep Introspection and Natural Behavior

– Open Introspection: Engage in open introspection, forming mutual connections between your form, actions, and surroundings, perceiving a subtle erotic dynamism between internal and external worlds.

– Naturalness: Lose hypocrisy, becoming more ‘natural,’ and free from social conditioning.

  • Unity and Empathy

– Sense of Unity: Feel a harmonious understanding of the complex reality, experiencing a total presence to oneself, and viewing the world as a joyous, playful, and loving spectacle.

– Empathy Development: Deepen empathy, fully immersing in the souls of others.

  • Self-Generated Bliss

– Autogenerated Bliss: Experience a strong impression of unity with the cosmos, leading to internal ecstasy, exuberant happiness, and spontaneous openness to the hidden flow of the spirit.

– Joyful Participation: Participate joyfully in a global, infinite, and splendid process, feeling as if you are a fountain of incarnate beauty.

Tantric massage thus not only enhances physical sensations (like pleasure) but also profoundly transforms one’s mental state, spiritual awareness, and connection with the universe, leading to a holistic experience of bliss and enlightenment.

Today, tantra practitioners reach higher levels of consciousness and harmonious fusion, liberating themselves from the limitations of earthly existence and experiencing an indescribable cosmic bliss. This profound and complex practice not only intensifies and develops the mental and spiritual capacities of individuals but also opens the way to an essential unity with the universe, revealing higher truths and total liberation. Additionally, tantric massage provides intense physical pleasure, heightening the sensory experience and creating a state of ecstasy that transcends ordinary experience.